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Athena is the virgin goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. Her syncretic incarnation in Roman mythology is Minerva. Athena had the owl as attribut for wisdom, but the exact association is not quite known. The owl, Athena's bird, became itself a symbol for wisdom and knowledge. 

The logo is a silver tetradrachm coin from approx. 450 BC from the antique Greece. The coin depicts the owl of Athena. The inscription "ΑΘΕ" is the abbreviation of ΑΘΗΝΑΙΟΝ, which may be translated as "of the Athenians". In daily use the Athenian drachmas were called glaukes (γλαῦκες, owls). The other side of the silver tetradrachm coin depicts Athena. The coin is exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon.

The logo is meant to symbolize how wisdom (the owl) combined with commerce (the silver coin) can create value for all parties.


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